Solar Tile (MAT)

Solar Tile MAT

In 1996, Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik developed Shahra Afaq’s invention MAT which gained popularity very quickly. In 1996, its regular production started and the public found it very useful.

In 1996, NUST University Rawalpindi (then EME College) not only liked its results but also started recommending it by installing it in its mosque and solar lab. On his recommendation, General Ali Quli Khan installed these tiles on his house. These tiles were installed by Admiral KM Akhtar in Islamabad. (If he is recommending another admiral after 27 years, it is as if 27 years of experience has been described as wonderful) In Rawalpindi, Brigadier Ijaz Qadeer, Professor Sajid Bukhari from Sohawa. Dr. Tariq Mirza Sahib from Jhelum, Dr. Yusuf Sahib from Wazirabad, Shakrakbal Sahib of Hillbrow Company from Sialkot, and General AZ Naqvi Sahib from Lahore also became clients.

It is also very important for us that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, a well-known scientist of Pakistan, also became a client and later Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand took a briefing in a panel of scientists and also passed this tile and used it. After that client from Peshawar to Karachi became and the public is benefiting by using it.

Installing this tile on the roof stops the heat coming from the roof 100%. The morning temperature inside the room is maintained throughout the day. At two o’clock in the day, the temperature in the room is 8 to 12 degrees lower than outside. The need for AC is eliminated. And if the AC is used, the load on it is greatly reduced. Due to this tile, thousands of ACs have been turned off or load-free so far.

Roof tiling keeps rooms cool in summer and warm in winter and this facility is for a lifetime.

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