How Solar Chips is Different from Normal Chips

Normal Chips that are used on roofs or any structure contain Fine stone gravel and cement mixed in each other. Normal Chips spread due to high temperature and intensity of the sun and shrinks when it gets cold. Due to this process, cracks can be seen on roof or structure, which cause humidity and water to enter walls and damages them. If these chips are applied on the roof, then it can cause leakage.

Keeping this issue in mind SOBER Technologies has introduced Solar Chips.

A special kind of powder has been mixed inside solar chips, which controls the temperature after it is applied due to which no spreading or shrink ness can be seen. Such that if solar chips are applied on the roof or any kind of structure no cracks appear. Due to this reason by applying Solar Chips your walls can be heatproof and waterproof for a lifetime.

The biggest Advantage of Solar Chips is that they can control temperature and keep the room temperature constant.

Solar Chips | Thandi Chips

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