List of MAT Clients in 1998

History of (MAT) Munwar Air Conditioning Tile Clients

Year: 1998

Solar Tile (MAT)

In the year 1997 (MAT) Munwar Air Conditioning Tile achieved a great success and people appreciated it. The sale of (MAT) Munwar Air Conditioning Tile continued. Here is a list of people who purchased Solar Tile (MAT) in the year of 1998.

NameAddressArea(Square Foot)
Munir Ahmed Wazir AhmedLahore2500(N.A)
Shakir IqbalHill Bro Company Sialkot19000
Ijaz Ahmed AbbasiG-8 Islamabad10000
Shahid HassanKohat2500
Professor Ahmed AfzalScientific and Research Institue Bhawalpur2500
Sohail Amir MirzaAdditional Secretory Lahore400
Master NawazKharala Jhelum300
Colonel Hamid MehmoodYamaha Islamabad500
Brigadier Iftikhar AhmedFortress Stadium Lahore2400
Khalid MehmoodADBP Rawalpindi1500
Hafeez AhmedKotli Jhelum1700
Haji Muhammad YaqoobMera Shams nazd Bewal1500
Sher Zaman c/o Iftikhar ShahSarghoda1000
Engineer IftikharSheikhupure1800
Mirza JawadSarwan School Jhelum400
Mushtaq Ahmed JahangirHari Pur5000

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