Formula technology for plastering walls before masonry

New Technology and its use

Now new technology has also been developed to plaster concrete walls before they are laid. The wall will be built later. Marble tiles (polished) and Solar Chips (polished) can be applied first on the walls. All walls can be built later by applying marble or chips on both sides.

In such a case the walls will become strong, waterproof, and beautiful. The need for color paint on such walls will also disappear. Seam, in Thor area, where seams on the walls spoil the color paint as well as peel off the plaster and damage properties worth crores of rupees. This technology can extend the lifespan of houses by making them safer.

This Technology is invented by Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik, CEO of SOBER Technologies Islamabad. SOBER Technologies International company is basically promoting and producing new technologies, innovations and inventions developed by prof. Munawar Ahmad Malik, a renowned scientist of Pakistan and inventor of more than 50 inventions.

The products related to solar energy, energy conservation and construction field, will be discussed in this platform.

Some Products of SOBER Technologies Int. Islamabad. Pakistan

Solar Chips | Thandi Chips

Solar Roof Coating | Solar Coating

MAT Munawar Air Conditioning Tile | Solar Tile

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