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The materials and technology used in construction in Pakistan have not seen any significant change in the last 50 years. Bricklaying is still being done as it was 50 years ago – masonry and plastering are still being done. Blocks have also been the same for the past 50 years, setting the stage for masonry and plastering.

A completely concrete house is not a concept as it costs a lot of time and money. Therefore, concrete houses cannot be seen even in posh areas of Pakistan.

 Keeping this situation in front, there was a dire need to introduce such changes or technologies that could save time and money and control the anxiety caused by the daily increase in prices.

Inventions of Professor Munwar Ahmed Malik

In this regard, the renowned scientist Prof. Munwar Ahmed Malik has introduced many types of products from the foundation to the roof where he has made the construction easier and cheaper by introducing new technologies in the construction of the house. Now not only houses can be built cheaply and quickly from common materials, but also beautiful and energy efficient by using new technologies and products.

All over Pakistan, houses are being built with common kiln bricks. In which a mason and two laborers put 800 to 1000 bricks in a day in the masonry of a 9-inch thick wall. After several days of masonry, the lantern is cast. After opening the lantern, the work of plastering the walls begins. Which lasts for several months? Thus 14 to 16 weeks are spent only on masonry and plastering of the walls. Meanwhile, labor is constantly being spent. And thus the price of the house increases significantly.

New Technology and how it can be Helpful

Working on it, a technology has been developed which has increased the speed of masonry more than double. Now one mason and two laborers can lay 2 to 3 thousand bricks in a day. But the important thing is that this wall will be plastered as well. And so the walls will be plastered when the lanterns are put up.  Where earlier it used to take 2 to 3 weeks of labor up to the roof, now the masonry including plastering will be done in a week or 2 weeks. This time savings will result in labor or cost savings. It is also important that electricity, gas, or water pipes can be fitted together during this masonry so that there is no need to cut or destroy the walls later. With this technology, 9-inch or 5-inch walls can be made. Special dyes have been prepared for this.

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