Roof Treatment in Monsoon Rains

Why Roof Leaking occur in Monsoon?

Normally we use three types of materials to prevent roof dripping. We are talking about the main roof where sunlight and rain directly hit the roof and cause leaking of the roof.

Occasionally three types of treatments are used for the solution of Roof Leaking.

The first solution that is very common is basic Cement Plaster which is a mixture of sand & cement. Secondly, Normal Chips are used and in some places, people use Marble as a solution.

Due to natural causes i.e. sunlight, when rays of the sun directly hit the roof and due to the heat of the sun these types of materials spread out. As the heat of the sun starts to decrease or due to interference of water the material starts shrinking. Due to this Material starts cracking and when in monsoon rains water passes through these cracks and causes humidity to the roof which can damage the lower roof also.

How we can Fix or overcome this issue?

Sober Technologies is providing you with three ways that can help you prevent roof dripping or roof leaking.

  1. Solar Roof Coating
  2. Solar Chips 
  3. Solar Tiles (MAT)

Solar Roof Coating:

Solar Roof Coating is an affordable solution similar to paint in which Sober Technologies provides you with a special powder that is mixed specially and after applied on your roofs, It can be water as well as heat proof. It is an affordable solution but the life span of Solar Roof Coating is 3 to 5 years.

Solar Chips:

On the other hand, Solar Chips is the best solution for your roof leaking and can make your roof Heatproof and Water Proof for a lifetime.

Solar Tiles (MAT)

MAT Munwar Air Conditioning Tile is the perfect treatment for both heat and cold. It is also known as solar tile. Installing solar tiles on roofs provides lifetime heat proofing and waterproofing.

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