Multi Story Building with New Technology

As you know in Multi-Story buildings or High-Rise Buildings construction time matters. Every constructor wants his building to be completed quickly.

SOBER Technologies has many new construction technologies that can help you save your energy cost and labor costs.

While constructing the roof of high-rise buildings shuttering takes a lot of time and it makes you fall ceiling must, due to which you spend a lot of time and money.

SOBER Technologies has special insulated shuttering. When you apply this shuttering there will be no need to open it after completion, it will become a part of the roof. You can also work on the other day after the installation of shuttering which saves you a lot of time. As the shuttering is insulated it also stops energy conduction or energy flow.

Also, during the construction of partition walls normally bricks and blocks are used due to which the thickness of the pillar increases and more iron is used.

By using the new technology of SOBER Technologies, you can reduce the partition wall weight which helps you to save material and iron. Using a 3-foot-thick concrete wall will help you in this situation.

We can make a wall either 3 feet thick or 5 feet thick but in this, no shuttering is used.

SOBER Technologies also has plastered concrete blocks with insulation inside it.

This Technology is invented by Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik, CEO of SOBER Technologies Islamabad. SOBER Technologies International company is basically promoting and producing new technologies, innovations and inventions developed by prof. Munawar Ahmad Malik, a renowned scientist of Pakistan and inventor of more than 50 inventions.

The products related to solar energy, energy conservation and construction field, will be discussed in this platform.

Some Products of SOBER Technologies Int. Islamabad. Pakistan

Solar Chips | Thandi Chips

Solar Roof Coating | Solar Coating

MAT Munawar Air Conditioning Tile | Solar Tile

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