Revolutionizing Comfort: Sober Technologies’ Innovative Solutions for Roof Heat and Leakage Relief

Sober Technologies, pioneering Pakistan’s waterproofing and heatproofing services since 1996, introduces a range of groundbreaking products aimed at resolving roof heat and leakage issues. Offering guaranteed relief from scorching summer temperatures and persistent leakage, their innovative line-up promises enhanced comfort and cost savings.

1. Solar Roof Coating: Providing solar protection and waterproofing, this white chemical application, easily brushed onto roofs, walls, and water tanks, is durable, enduring heavy rains for 3 to 5 years. Priced at Rs 10/12 per square foot, a 7000 bucket covers 600 square feet.

2. Solar Chips (Cool Chips): These white preformed materials, combined with solar powder, Bengal chips, and white cement, ensure cool rooms and waterproofing. Easily applied by mixing with water, offering customization through polishing. Prices range from Rs 110 to Rs 180 per square foot.

3. Munawar Air Conditioning Tile (MAT): These white tiles, applied similarly to marble tiles, maintain coolness in summers, warmth in winters, and waterproofing. With a lifetime guarantee, they’re priced at Rs 250/300 per square foot.

Sober Technologies’ products offer not only relief from heat and leakage but also substantial energy bill reductions and increased roof longevity. With a proven track record and commitment to excellence, they revolutionize comfort and protection for homes and businesses alike.

This Technology is invented by Professor Munawar Ahmad Malik, CEO of SOBER Technologies Islamabad. SOBER Technologies International company is basically promoting and producing new technologies, innovations and inventions developed by prof. Munawar Ahmad Malik, a renowned scientist of Pakistan and inventor of more than 50 inventions.

The products related to solar energy, energy conservation and construction field, will be discussed in this platform.

Some Products of SOBER Technologies Int. Islamabad. Pakistan

Solar Chips | Thandi Chips

Solar Roof Coating | Solar Coating

MAT Munawar Air Conditioning Tile | Solar Tile

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